Blackroom: a new FPS from the makers of Doom & Quake


Some extremely exciting news for classic FPS lovers has come up. John Romero and Adrian Carmack, founders of id Software, changed the lives of gamers in the early 90’s thanks to Doom and Quake. They’re now crowdfunding an amazing new FPS game concept called Blackroom on Kickstarter.



Blackroom promises to be the most hardcore FPS ever made and one that exudes all the nostalgia from the wonderfully classic FPS genre filled with violent shooting, exploration, weaponised combat and loads of multiplayer modes.

Blackroom“Blackroom takes place at one of the world’s leading tech companies, HOXAR. HOXAR has created a technology that allows people to be anywhere at any time, creating fully-realised holographic worlds that are indistinguishable from reality, all inside of a giant black room.” How amazing does that sound?


It’s being created for Windows and Mac platforms — sorry console users but a classic FPS has to be PC-first. I’m sure they’ll eventually port it to consoles if it gets enough funding. Blackroom’s Kickstarter goal of $700,000 (Dh2.57 million) kicked off a few days ago and have already reached $111,000 at the time of writing. Blackroom’s current release date is slated for winter 2018.

Let’s get this baby funded!



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