Blackberry Priv cam and keyboard updated


Blackberry has been under immense pressure for years now. Pressure to keep RIM afloat and impress its audiences with the right products. Then last year, Blackberry went ahead and announced the Priv, its first flagship device with Android. This seemed like a great move on its part because the device could have been the saviour the brand needed. The Priv launched and, like any first-generation device, was plagued with problems. Blackberry has been quick to update these issues and that bring us to today’s updates on the Blackberry camera and keyboard.

Priv keyboard

The Priv’s primary feature is its physical keyboard, but every once in a while I would prefer using the on-screen keys instead. The latest update to the keyboard brings improvements to predictions, controls and corrections as well as an option to learn the same from emails and text messages. It can also learn word or number combinations. The update also improves cursor controls on the keys.

The other feature updated is the camera app, which our long-term reviewer had issues with. The update brings slow motion video recording at 120fps. It’s also added selfie stick compatibility.

The great thing about most of the Blackberry stock apps is the fact that they are all being updated through the app store. Check your Play Store to see if you’ve received the updates.