BioWare’s next game is called Anthem and E3 is off to an exciting start


E3 2017 officially kicks on June 13 but the press conferences and teasers have begun. As per tradition, EA kicks into gear with a bunch of reveals through its EA Play press conference. EA showed off Anthem, BioWare’s newest game. The 45-second trailer tells almost nothing but hypes us up for the full gameplay reveal that will come from Microsoft’s E3 briefing.

The trailer teases what looks to be a classically beautiful BioWare game with a futuristic hint to it. The brand new property from BioWare was previously known by its codename “Dylan” that’s been rumoured to be in development for a long time. EA had previously announced Anthem would be an action-adventure title working as a “live-service” – similar to how Destiny functions. Anthem was originally set for launch between April 2017 to March 2018 but has been pushed to BioWare’s next fiscal cycle of April 2018 to March 2019. It’s generally good news when studios take some extra time to add that final polish to a game, especially when its BioWare.

Stay tuned for a lot more E3 2017 coverage and more news on Anthem as soon as we get it!

UPDATE: Microsoft ‘s E3 press conference saw the premiere of Anthem’s gameplay footage and we’re very excited. As expected, we’re treated to a post-apocalyptical world full of lush jungles and massive monsters. The game looks absolutely beautiful thanks to the Frostbite engine. The full 6-minute video is exclusive in-game footage so jump right in and get very excited for BioWare’s next major release.


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