BioShock remastered vs original is like DVD vs VHS


The above video highlights just how much BioShock: The Collection will change the way you look at the entire franchise.

BioShock 1
The skin tone really shows the work put into remastering

The Collection is available on pre-order for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It remasters BioShock, BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite in gorgeous 1080p.

It also packs in all the DLC content from the three games, which should make for hours of narrative-driven first-person gameplay.

BioShock 2
That’s a sharp moon

From the depths of Rapture to the clouds of Columbia, the BioShock formula changed the way we played first-person shooters thanks to the RPG elements that allowed you to upgrade abilities and weapons. It also popularised the optional narrative element; understand the story at your own pace, if you choose to. Various characters have left behind recordings and tapes that you can listen to while exploring new areas. It’s up to the player to discover the context in which they wander.

Along the way, the series questions popular (and esoteric) theories of capitalism, philosophy, morality, history, psychology, cults and even physics. The simplistic name belies surprising depths and clever writing.

What the early games were not notable for, however, was graphics. That’s why we’re excited to see how the critically acclaimed franchise will look on modern systems.

The games haven’t been remastered for PC but the deal remains in place. Some of the DLCs (particularly Burial at Sea) were pricey at launch, so this could make a great gift.