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There’s this overly exciting feeling you get when you’re sitting at work or at home and planning an upcoming trip. You want to plan your itinerary, see if you’ve got all your clothes in order, printed all-important documents etc. Another very important thing (atleast according to me) is planning what kind of technology I want to carry on the trip. If you’re anything like me, you’re going to want to carry enough tech to capture every moment possible on the trip and thanks to the amount of technology available to us today, capturing special moments during these trips is extremely easy now. So here’s the best tech for travel in 2018. 

GoPro Hero 5/6 Black

Tech for travel 2018 - GoPro Hero 5 Black

My number one pick in tech for travel is a GoPro. I have the Go Pro Hero 5 Black and it’s the most handy piece of technology you can have on a trip.

It (as well as the new GoPro Hero 6) captures video up to 4K, does slo-mo as well as time-lapse videos and can be taken into water or dropped in sand without any case on it. The Go Pro also takes fantastic pictures in well-lit scenarios. Battery-life is decent and can be charged on the move with any battery-pack.

Tech for travel 2018 - GoPro AccessoriesThe GoPro also has a whole load of accessories you can get for it to enhance you photo and video capturing experience. Buying such (above) accessory sets is very easy and is available on most websites. 

Sony RX100 V

Tech for travel 2018 - Sony RX100 VWhile a smartphone or GoPro would suffice for pictures for social media, you would always want a better camera for those shots you’d like to blow up and put on a wall. A DSLR is a great option but they’re so bloody bulky and cumbersome.

Thus, my second pick in tech for travel is the Sony RX100 V. It is a fantastic 20MP point and shoot camera with a large 1” sensor which shoots 4K as well as video as slow as 960fps and most importantly it fits in your pocket. That being said it is a pricier option compared to let’s say the older Canon G7X Mark II which has quite a bit of the same functionality for a lower price.

Joby Gorillapod

Tech for travel 2018 - Joby GorillapodNow you’ve got your cameras. You obviously need something like a selfie stick or a monopod to carry them around right? Wrong.

Get a Joby Gorillapod. They’re super-versatile flexible tripods and can latch onto almost every surface. The legs of the tripod can be moulded onto any surface such as a railing or lamppost and can also be used to place devices on uneven surfaces such as rocks or sand. 

A Gorilla pod can also be used for vlogging by curving all three legs slightly towards you or for all your selfie-related needs.

They’re available in all shapes and sizes. Something like the Gorillapod 500 would easily be able to hold your smartphone, camera, or GoPro.

Nokia 3310

Tech for travel 2018 - Nokia 3310A vacation can also be a great time to get away from the world and detox from all your work, your social media and your constant obsession with your smartphone. You can carry something like the Nokia 3310 or any other feature phone.

Considering you have the two above cameras, you might just need a device for calls and a feature phone will definitely suffice. You can even load the 3310 with micro SD and make it your MP3 player too.

(In the scenario you love your smartphone and your social media, feel free to ignore this step)

Bose QC30

Tech for travel 2018 - Bose QC30

Now if you’re wondering what you’re going to listen to that music on? I have you covered. Some people prefer huge over-ear headphones for the audio and some prefer just wired or wireless earbuds for the portability. My advice? Go get a pair of the Bose QC30.

They’re come with a neckband, so no need to worry about packing them away. They come with Active Noise cancellation which can be controlled on the ‘Bose Connect’ App. The headphones are extremely lightweight too.

DJI Spark

Tech for travel 2018 - DJI Spark

Also consider getting yourself a drone. Something like the DJI Spark is a great place to start. It’s easy to learn to fly them and the video and images you can get off them are absolutely incredible. The Spark can fly at a maximum speed of 31kmph and its flight time is around 16 minutes.

Anker PowerCore+

Tech for travel 2018 - Anker PowerCore+ 20100mAh

Last but not least, you’ve got all this technology which needs charging and while you’re travelling you’re on the move. Get yourself the Anker PowerCore+ 20100mAh battery pack. It is portable, fits in a pocket (sort of) and has two USB ports to charge multiple devices at the same time.

Also don’t forget:

  1. Chargers for the respective devices
  2. A car charger for those long journeys
  3. Memory cards or USBs since you’re definitely going to be taking high-res photo and video.
  4. OTG adapters to take media directly off your phone to the memory cards
  5. A backpack for your daily use (With a rain cover if your destination requires it)
  6. Universal travel adapters
  7. A first-aid kit – Yes this isn’t tech but better safe than sorry.

Well there you go, you’ve got all the tech need for your travels. What are you waiting for? Go on! Bon Voyage!


(Updated: 12th Feb 2018)


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