3 of the best professional PlayStation 4 controllers out there

Step up your PlayStation 4 gaming with these licensed third-party controllers


The standard DualShock 4 controller for the Sony PlayStation 4 is undoubtedly an amazing controller. But, sometimes you may want to improve your gaming style and take it up a notch with a professional PlayStation 4 controller. While you can get professional gaming equipment for the PC or Xbox One quite easily, PlayStation was a little reluctant. However, once Sony got on the trend, PlayStation turned to third-party manufacturers instead.

With E3 2018 ahead of us, you might be thinking of taking your gaming to another level. There are a lot of third-party controllers in the market right now which can help you do that, but only a few of them that are licensed by Sony. We take a closer look at these controllers, which include the Nacon Revolution Pro 2, Razer Raiju and Hori Onyx.

Let’s face it. How different can three controllers for the same console be? Well, you’d actually be surprised how some minor details can result in a different look and feel altogether.

Nacon Revolution Pro 2

The second iteration of Nacon’s professional PlayStation 4 controller, the Revolution Pro 2 improves on last year’s design and delivers a surprisingly good gaming performance. There are a few minor changes from last year, but in terms of features, Nacon decided not to fix what’s not broken.

This wired controller comes with a three-metre USB type-C cable. The body is well polished and comes with offset analogue triggers, similar to the Xbox controllers. The buttons are a bit larger than other controllers, but this makes it easier to play on while still being quite responsive. The Revolution Pro 2 comes with four-directional D-pad that can be customised to function as an eight-directional one, making it a great choice for fighting games.

On the back, the controller has four additional buttons, which can be custom mapped by using the new and improved PC software. Through this software, we can assign specific functions for the buttons, as well as dead zones for the analogues, trigger sensitivity, macro functions and much more. These functions can then be activated by a switch on the back of the controller, which will also change the colour of the light bar.

To add a little more in terms of customisation, and a feel of professionalism, the Nacon Revolution Pro 2 comes with slots for adding weights, which are included. You can use these weights to give a sturdier feel to the controller or make it lighter.

The Nacon Revolution Pro 2 is available for Dh490 in the UAE.

Should you get it?

If you are looking at spending some extra cash on a professional controller, the Nacon Revolution Pro 2 is a great choice. You have a lot of customisation options, and the controller is generally great to use. The Nacon Revolution Pro 2 has a sturdier build as compared to the standard DualShock 4 controller, and the customisable weight helps in giving a better grip. However, due to its awkward size, extended gameplay sessions can get a little uncomfortable. At the same time, for a price of Dh490, it’s a great choice.

Razer Raiju

The Raiju is a wired PlayStation 4 controller from popular gaming merchandise manufacturer Razer, which is known for its over-the-top design and dedication towards gaming products. However, the Razer Raiju looks pretty simple in terms of design but has a few extra features around it.

Connected with a three-metre wired micro USB cable, the Razer Raiju comes with a more ergonomic build, making it comfortable to hold, while being lightweight. The matte hard plastic body comes with standard analogue sticks and optional rubber grip caps. The buttons are pretty standard, but some might complain that they’re too small. The Raiju comes with a standard four-directional D-pad, complete with separate buttons, which can be an issue for someone with larger hands and makes fighting games a little harder. There is also a control panel at the bottom of the controller that provides easy access to profile and audio options.

The back of the controller houses four additional buttons that can be customised quite easily. You can also customise the response of the triggers for long presses or rapid fire, making it a great choice for FPS shooters.

The Razer Raiju retails for Dh629.

Should you get it?

A little more on the pricier side, the Razer Raiju is a good choice if you want a simple professional controller. However, you are limited in terms of customisation, and the vibrations can make the buttons rattle a little loud. The Raiju is built with FPS gamers in mind, and has certain features that are the best for FPS games. It also comes with PC support. If you have the extra cash and are a hardcore FPS player, then this is the PlayStation 4 controller for you. 

Hori Onyx

While at a quick glance, the Hori Onyx might look like an Xbox controller, it is in fact the first wireless third-party controller licensed by Sony.

Design-wise, the Hori Onyx is heavily inspired by Xbox controllers. It follows a similar pattern with the offset analog sticks and an overall wider body. However, the size is not an issue, thanks to its comfortable matte grip. The buttons are pretty standard on the Hori Onyx; however, the four-directional D-pad looks exactly like an Xbox One controller.

With the Hori Onyx, you get wireless Bluetooth connectivity, which can be charged with a standard microUSB cable. However, you do give up a few standard PlayStation 4 controller features. There is no built-in speaker or headphone jack, and the light bar is removed as well.

There is not much to say about the Hori Onyx, except that it is a pretty simple controller. However, it can proudly bear the title of being the first and, so far, only licensed wireless PlayStation 4 controller.

The Hori Onyx is available for Dh269.

Should you get it?

While you sacrifice audio options and the light bar with the Hori Onyx, in turn you get wireless connectivity. A feature seen only in the DualShock controllers, wireless connectivity is what sets the Hori Onyx apart. Additionally, it comes in quite cheap at just Dh269, making it the most affordable of the lot. If you are an Xbox player who isn’t comfortable with the PlayStation 4 controller, this the best option for you.


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