BenQ Zowie XL2746 Review – The choice for esports


BenQ e-sports vertical Zowie has introduced a gaming monitor, the XL2746S, in the UAE recently. We take a swing at the 27-inch screen made for esports professionals and serious gamers. It can deliver a 240Hz refresh rate and lightning-fast 0.5ms response time (with overdrive). BenQ Zowie’s latest offers a lot for those who want to make an investment into their gaming experience. 

BenQ Zowie XL2746S


The Zowie XL2746S e-sports monitor is more or less similar in design previous monitors from the brand. One thing I love about the monitor is how ‘non-flashy’ it is. No RGB lighting, no excessive buttons. It’s clean and sleek.

The display on this device doesn’t come with an IPS panel or high-contrast VA one but instead, gamers will find themselves facing a classic TN panel that allows it to hit the quoted 0.5ms response time (with overdrive) and battle-ready refresh rate. The XL2646S comes with a native 1080p resolution, which may not sound very advanced but combined with the 240 Hz refresh rate, users can achieve pixels comparable to a 4K gaming monitor at 60 Hz.

The gaming monitor also comes with wings attached to its sides that aid significantly in blocking out distractions. The stem at the back allows for tilts, vertical-orientation and so much more.


The Zowie XL2746S offers quite a wide selection of display inputs that include one dual-link DVI, one HDMI 2.0, one HDMI 1.4, and one DisplayPort 1.2 port – ensuring compatibility with a majority of the cards out there currently.


The XL2746S gaming monitor also comes with BenQ’s exclusive technology for reducing eye-tracking motion blur – DyAc+, i.e. Dynamic Accuracy. DyAc+ is an upgraded version of the DyAC tech which incorporates additional panel optimizations as it shifts its focus to recoil control. It helps see the position of your crosshair and hit markers with enhanced clarity. Being a gaming display, the BenQ Zowie XL2746S is equipped with FreeSync too. 

Another feature I really liked is its Black eQualizer, which enhances visibility in dark scenarios without overexposing the brighter parts of the visual. It also comes with a Colour Vibrance feature that allows users to adjust the colour tones to change them – there are 20 levels of settings to suit all kinds of gameplay.

The XL2746S also comes with a very functionally ‘push-to-slide-out’ headphone hanger along with 2 USB type A ports and a 3.5mm headphone jack and separate microphone jack.

Response time

BenQ claims that Zowie XL2746S is the first “true” 0.5ms grey-to-grey (GtG) response time TN panel currently available in the market. However, that response time can only fully be achieved with overdriving the panel, something that can often cause a minor amount of motion blur. Without overdrive, the panel’s native GtG response time still stands at an impressive rating of 3ms. Moreover, the panel has been factory-configured to ship with a slight overdrive of 1ms response time through the Advanced Motion Accelerator (AMA) settings.


The S-switch that comes with this gaming monitor allows users to customize the XL2746S with different usage scenarios by providing easy access to monitor menu, switch between saved modes, and even command a quick change between the connected devices. 

Image Quality

Coming to the image quality, the TN panel does a decent job, although it doesn’t offer much beyond its gaming credentials. While the static contrast is the ordinary 1,000:1, peak brightness stands at an average 320 nits.

The BenQ Zowie XL2746S has been explicitly designed keeping hardcore gamers and e-sports enthusiasts in mind. It is packed with features to amplify the gaming experience. The gaming monitor is ideal for those looking for clean gameplay and reduced visual distractions.

The BenQ Zowie XL2746S is available for Dh2345 at all major retailers, as well as and too.