BenQ GS1 review: Palm-sized projector, wall-sized punch.

This palm-sized projector offers three hours of battery life


I recently got my hands on the BenQ GS1 portable projector. At first, I thought the small bag that it came in was just the wiring and sockets. I was waiting for the rest of it when I was told that that was it. I opened the bag and this cute little orange projector was looking back at me through its shiny LED lens.

What is the BenQ GS1 ?

The BenQ GS1 is exactly like its advertised to be. Its portable and super easy to use. It can even be used cable-free, which is awesome for when you’re using it outdoors or even in the next room. It weighs next to nothing, and blows up a screen to about 60 inches from just a metre behind.

Setting up the projector was pretty easy. It switches on in a few seconds and its good to go. It connects over WiiFi with no issues and even connects to Bluetooth devices seamlessly. The home screen shows us an array of apps that can be connected to with ease. YouTube was our first go, and it streamed in browser format, which is fine. The user interface is pretty easy to navigate and there is a decent selection of apps. But this is one area BenQ can improve.

I’ve been told that you can even connect devices such as the Roku and the Amazon Fire Stick to it and it works hassle-free too. I did, however, use the GS1 to mirror my laptop via HDMI and there was absolutely no delay. I even connected it one of JBL’s bluetooth speakers and they worked beautifully together.

One of the most convenient things about the GS1 is that it can be used for about three hours without wires. On a full charge, you can take it with you and screen a movie at a friends place without the hassle of finding a source to plug it in.

Verdict on the BenQ GS1

As projectors go, this isn’t the mightiest or most showy. It is, however, just what you want when you simply need to set up a screen wherever you’re going. It’s palm-sized and comes in an easy-to-go bag. So you don’t have to worry about lugging a box around.

Video and image playback quality are top notch and as expected. Connectivity is fantastic. You may face the occasional drop, but it syncs back up quickly.

This tiny thing gets my thumbs up and would definitely recommend to those wanting to take one on trips or outdoors or just for any reason whatsoever.



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