BenQ EX2870Q Review: The perfect mid-range gaming monitor?


BenQ’s EX2870Q is a sleek and stylish gaming monitor which on paper has a lot to offer PC gamers and professionals alike. The EX2780U is a 27″ 2K 144Hz QHD monitor with an IPS display that belongs bang in the middle of the mid-range monitor market.


The setup of the BenQ EX2870Q is extremely easy. Once unboxed, the monitor attaches to the stem with two spring screws. Do that and the stem is latched onto the base with one 3.5mm screen. Once done you move onto cable management. This is one thing about the monitor I love.

The cable management which is embedded in the stem is absolutely fantastic. Slide the cap a little to bottom and you have place to discretely organize your cables going into the monitor. Thats being said I do wish the stem were a bit bigger. Thats would give it the ability to manage a few more cables. At anytime, I could only fit two cables in the stem.

Design and Display

This monitor definitely had one of the most unique looks on the market right now and stands out from the crowd. While three sides of the monitor have decently slim bezels, the bottom chin is what makes it unique. The distinct metallic design of the stand underneath only adds to the bespoke, minimalistic charm. This might invite a difference in opinion amongst gamers, but it is nice that a gaming monitor is trying a hand at elegance.

BenQ EX2870Q Display

Like most BenQ monitors, the EX2780Q also sports some BenQ-exclusive features like the flicker-free technology that helps with gaming, low blue light settings that help with eye-health during long gaming or work sessions, and the Brightness Intelligence Plus (B.I.+) that automatically optimises the on-screen picture depending on the content + the real-life surroundings. My experience with B.I+ was definitely a polar one. In moderately lit scenarios I found its adjustments to be heavily accurate. Unfortunately there were times (in low-light nights) where the screen would just pop its brightness to the point where I was suddenly covering my eyes and scrambling for the remote to adjust the brightness.

The BenQ EX2780Q’s 5ms response time is not amongst the quickest. It might only make a difference when one tries to dabble in really fast-paced games. Moreover, the effects of this are partially offset by the excellent gaming-focussed 144Hz refresh rate and the availability of FreeSync. The presence of HDR combined with an IPS panel delivers unique visuals and makes the monitor perfect for a wide range of viewing angles.


Coming to the audio, the extra-wide metallic bezel on the bottom of the display, allows ample space for some larger-than-usual-speakers. These speakers have been designed upon BenQ’s exclusive treVolo technology which takes into account five-sound indicators as well as three pre-tuned EQ settings that users can choose from. The speakers offer some pretty decent semi-immersive authentic audio quality especially after you consider that they are in-built monitor speakers after all.

Remote Control

A number of functions can be controlled using the handy remote that comes with the gaming monitor and offers access to an incredible set of features – enough pre-sets to optimise and customise one’s pictures per their preferences. EX2780Q’s users are well-supported port-wise, too with two HDMIs; a DisplayPort; and a USB-C port.

Considering the odd positioning of the buttons on the EX2870Q, I’m really glad you get the remote control in the box. I always found myself reaching for it, rather than the back of the display, whenever I needed to make adjustments to the display.


The EX2780Q is quick to demonstrate itself as a decent gaming and work monitor. It offers great picture quality and immense detail, both while gaming as well as working. The colours displayed by BenQ’s device are incredibly vibrant and combined the monitor’s experience-enhancing HDR, a gaming session can become quite a visual treat with the EX2780Q.

BenQ EX 2780Q’s overall picture quality undoubtedly increases immersion, but when it comes scenarios that lie at the darker end of the spectrum, gaming performance might get affected a bit.

BenQ’s EX2780Q is quite impressive, with its beautiful vintage design, superb visual experiences, and the price segment it has been introduced in. It neatly packs some truly impressive gaming-focused features and does HDR so brilliantly; it might be difficult for users to go back to a non-HDR gaming monitor after enjoying the visuals on this one.

The BenQ EX2870Q is available for Dh1942 at leading retail outlets like Jumbo, Sharaf DG as well as online on Amazon and Noon.


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