Belkin Boost Charge 2K for Apple Watch – Useful but there are better out there


In a time when battery-packs/banks (whatever you want to call them) are getting more and more versatile with capabilities to charge various devices at the same time, Belkin sent me the Boost Charge 2K power bank made specifically for the Apple Watch. As a recent adopter of the Apple Watch, I had some views.

What I like…

Lets start with the good stuff. Its a tiny little battery-pack with a 2200 mAh capacity. Its easy to hold, charges via micro-USB and can ONLY charge the Apple Watch via Apple’s proprietary charger. It fits into a pocket on the side of your bag and even easily in your jeans. I’ve got about three full charges (for the Apple Watch) from the device but I think it can do way more since I’ve never run down the battery completely.

One huge perk you have with the Boost Charge 2K is that it can also just be a second charging dock for your Apple Watch. So for example, at work I charge my Apple Watch on the Boost Charge while its connected to my laptop. A bit of win-win I would say.

What I don’t like…

My main problem with the Boost Charge 2K is that it only charges the Apple Watch. Now the Boost Charge costs Dh299 (a bit much if you ask me) and charges only the Apple Watch. At just a hundred dirhams more (Dh399), you can buy yourself the Belkin Valet 6700mAh battery pack which has the same Apple Watch charger and can charge your iPhone or any other device too.


If you do want a dedicated charger just for your Apple Watch on the move, the Boost Charger 2K is the way to go but for just a little more money, you can get way for functionality.


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