Belkin and Devialet launch the Soundform Elite at CES 2020


During GITEX Technology Week 2019, Belkin took me into a small little booth and showed me a product that has been almost impossible not to talk about for almost 4 months now. Now that CES 2020 is here. I can. Yesterday, Belkin launched the first-of-its-kind Soundform Elite Hi-Fi Smart Speaker + Wireless Charger.

Belkin is excited about the potential that both the Soundform Elite Hi-Fi Smart Speaker + Wireless Charger and the partnership with Devialet unlock for us as a brand,” said Steve Malony, SVP, Belkin International. “Our heritage in audio, leadership in fast wireless charging, and Devialet’s acoustic expertise allow us to make products for consumers that are both exceptional and convenient.” 

Belkin Soundform Elite Smart Speaker Wireless Charger
Image Credits: Belkin

Belkin and Devialet Partnership

The Soundform Elite speaker was developed in partnership between Belkin and high-end audio brand Devialet. If you’re not sure if you know what Devialet is, think of the Devialet Phantom series (pictured below). Now does it ring a bell? These speakers created ripples in the industry when they was launched.

Image Credits: Devialet

We are excited to be partnering with Belkin for our first global partnership,” said Franck Lebouchard, CEO, Devialet. “At Devialet, we want to share the incredible audio experiences that our technology can deliver with as many people as possible. Partnering with Belkin on Soundform Elite has given us the opportunity to bring our acoustic expertise and best-in-class sound architecture to an innovative new product type and reach a whole new audience of music lovers around the world.”

The Belkin Soundform Elite Smart Speaker

The Soundform Elite speaker combines premium, high-fidelity sound (up to 90dB SPL of max volume), fast wireless charging and integration with the Google Voice Assistant.

Users can charge their phone, play music, get answers and connect multiple Google Assistant-enabled speakers for an immersive multi-room experience. They can also control their smart home with exceptionally powerful and clear sound quality. 

Belkin Soundform Elite Smart Speaker
Image Credits: Belkin

Devialet worked on the acoustic architecture bringing its patented SAM® (Speaker Active Matching), technology that renders the original intent of the content creator with high-fidelity sound reproduction, and ‘Push-Push’ Woofers architecture.

Devialet’s signature woofer configuration cancels any vibrations while ensuring a deep, impactful sound with implosive bass considering the size of the speaker. This allows for a steady wireless charging experience for Qi-enabled devices up to 10W without sacrificing impactful bass levels.

Price and Availability

The Belkin Soundform Elite will be available sometime in the first quarter of 2020 for $299 (Dh1099). In case you’re at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, Belkin International will be exhibiting at LVCC, South Hall 3, Booth #30512.


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