Here’s a battery-saving fix for Pokemon Go


Are you currently playing Pokemon Go? Well, of course you are, or you wouldn’t be reading this. One major issues we face while playing this game is battery life. Pokemon Go is a brilliant but a massive battery-draining app.

This is where Go Extender comes in.

Go Extender for Pokemon Go


Go Extender for Pokemon Go is an Android app which uses your proximity sensors to switch the screen off while the app is running. So if it is in your pocket or the phone is in your hand but facing downwards, the game continues to run but the screen will be off. This saves you a decent amount of battery life.

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Once you’ve installed the app, it gives you a few options to choose from. You can toggle and switch them as you prefer.

Click here to download the GO Extender for Pokemon Go.

We’re currently trying the app and will keep you posted on how much this really helps. Do let us know what you think.

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