Dubai Tech Squad that pays home visits with its own ‘mobile lab’


With services like and the Jacky’s Mobile Clinic, its was about time for more companies to start on-the-go technical services in the UAE. Next in line is Axiom. Axiom is launching their new ‘Tech Squad’ service for UAE residents, whereby customers will be able to get their products serviced or fixed at home or even at their offices.

“So many of our daily tasks rely on the seamless functionality of our mobile devices, making it important that a handset or tablet that requires troubleshooting is restored both quickly and conveniently,” said axiom telecom CEO, Fahad Al Bannai. “With ‘Tech Squad’, we can make the process of getting your device service as easy and hassle-free as possible.”


If you’re facing any issues with your mobile devices you can call the Axiom toll-free helpline 800-SQUAD(77823) and the staff will help you out. If the problem cannot be sorted out over the phone the team will send over a technician who said to be equipped with a ‘mobile lab’ and will come right to you.

The service costs Dh349 per year and includes five support requests and three onsite visits. The service is currently offered in the main areas of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah.

“Finding this level of service in the UAE is hard to come by,” said Al Bannai. “With one of the highest levels of smartphone users in the world, we expect our ‘Tech Squad’ agents to be constantly driving around the streets and serving our customers.”


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