Asus is first to introduce 300Hz gaming laptops


At IFA 2019, Asus showcased new 300Hz displays in both its Strix and Zephyrus series of gaming laptops. They qualify as the world’s fastest displays and offer a glimpse into the future of portable e-sports and hardcore gaming.

Industry leading

Asus has always been at the forefront when it comes to portable gaming displays. It was the first to bring 120Hz higher refresh rate panels to gaming laptops in 2016 and subsequently has continued the trend. At CES 2019 earlier this year, Republic of Gamers (ROG) previewed the future with a cutting-edge 240Hz panel inside an Asus Strix Scar II. We have seen many Asus laptops in the market since then using the display technology.

Aside from the groundbreaking refresh rate, the display has a 3ms response time

For competitive players, every frame matters. Not only that, the higher refresh rates give you an overall silkier gaming experience especially in popular AAA titles.

Versatile performance

The panels shown off come in both 15-inch and 17-inch flavours. Most notably, they will be a part of both Asus’ Strix and Zephyrus lineup. For the latter, they will also come with PANTONE Validation, giving creators the colour accuracy they need. With the laptop’s powerful computing capabilities, the displays will also take advantage of ROG-exclusive GPU Switch to move between G-Sync and Optimus mode.

Unprecedented speed

Raising refresh rates to 300Hz represents a 25 per cent increase over current standards. Compared to conventional 60Hz displays on laptops, this demonstrates a 5X higher frame draw rate. The delay between refresh cycles is shorter, allowing the display to respond faster. Whereas when running V-Sync, the higher frequency will mitigate any visible stutter. At its 300Hz refresh rate, the display is able to draw a complete new frame every 3.3ms, giving the pixels a 3ms response time.


The Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX701 equipped with a 300Hz display will be available starting October. We will update you on local pricing and availability as we get more information.


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