Asus GX800VH Review – The Flagship Beast Arrives


So right off the bat, I have to say, this machine is nuts. It’s a straight up beast of a laptop and you have to hold on with all you’ve got just to make sure you still have a seat on Earth. Last year we got a look at the GX700, and handling that was a feat in itself. Again with the GX800VH, Asus has outdone themselves again.

Build and Design

This is not a lightweight in any sense. This monster is heavy. It weighs in at roughly 6 Kgs roughly, and actually comes with a giant backpack and a trolley suitcase to house and move the unit and its giant liquid cooling machine.

Basically showing up anywhere looks like you’re ready for a week long vacation to any place until you explain whats in the bags. Always a conversation starter in any area.

The rest of the machine is standard Asus ROG fare. Sleek angular features on the outside with a nice burnt metal finish. Even the dock hasn’t changed its look a whole lot from the last time from what I could see. The laptop is by itself quite noisy and turning on the dock at the same time is an orchestral affair.

The Asus also comes with two beefy power suppliers to produce the much needed juice for this massive laptop.


The screen is a gigantic 18.4 inch IPS panel. Ultra HD is a piece of cake for this screen and it works with G-Sync. This definitely helped when I played on ridiculous levels and the refresh rate on the screen definitely needed to be kept in line.


Coming to the keyboard on this behemoth, it honestly is my least favourite part of the laptop. While it may be an improvement over the GX700, the keys don’t deliver that satisfying response I got from the MSI GT83 VR‘s mechanical SteelSeries keyboard. Asus has made definite improvements as I said earlier, but mixing mechanical switches with soft panels just didn’t work for me. It kept giving me that feeling that the keys would get stuck. I did however like their RGB customisation options very much.


Specs and Performance

Saying that this laptop is fast as hell is like saying the Earth is round (take that Flat-Earthers). The chances of saying that this laptop hangs or lags or is slow are less than minimal.


Asus has definitely pulled off some major moves to get some serious tech into this machine. To start off with, there is a quad-core Intel Core™ i7-7820HK that can be overclocked to 4.4 GHz and more.


If that wasn’t enough, there are Dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 face melting GPUs to handle literally anything thrown at you. Couple with these tiny monsters, is a whopping 64GB worth of RAM, that adds to the overkill.


Memory is handled by three 512GB Toshiba SSDs that think game load times are a joke and should not even be talked about.  In-game audio or even just regular media sounds amazing even when you’re using a headset, thanks to the ESS SABRE DAC. In addition, ASUS Sonic Studio provides high-quality audio through four speakers in the machine. Two tweeters located under the display and two really big speakers under the hood.

To test this beast out, I played healthy doses of the Rise of the Tomb Raider and the Crew at startlingly ridiculous graphics modes and the laptop barely made a hiccup when I tried. This guy was no slouch, I’ll tell you that. A real go-getter this one is.


Coming down to the point, the Asus GX800VH is nothing short of incredible. It easily makes  desktop level performance possible on your lap, even though its just for a little while. That being said the weight and heat of the device are not lap friendly at all but to be able to have 4K gaming with no compromise to speed and performance is just cherry on the cake.

If money grew on trees and pigs could fly, I’d put one of these in every home I could think off, but alas.

What do you guys think? Would you get one of these beauties? Let us know below.



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