Are wearable activity trackers accurate?


It might be a good time to take a closer look at your activity tracker. A new research into the ability of leading trackers, Fitbit and Jawbone, has found out that though good at counting steps, they are unable to accurately measure sleep, reports IANS citing a study published in the International Journal of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity.

Fitbit and Jawbone

Both Fitbit and Jawbone were accurate in counting steps, but underestimated the use of calories and overestimated total sleep time, researchers found.

But all’s not lost. The researchers also found ways to make the trackers as accurate as possible. Here are a few of their tips. Wear the trackers in the same position every day. Punch in personal details such as height and weight accurately during set-up and update them if there is a marked change. Calibrate the length of a stride correctly. Personalize the sleep mode settings. And maximise the journal function by providing as much information as you can.

(Images via Fitbit)