Apple Self Service Repair is a huge step forward


Apple Self Service Repair will allow customers who are comfortable with completing their own repairs access to Apple genuine parts and tools.

Apple Self Service Repair: Why is it a big deal?

Prior to this announcement, Apple’s repair policies have been restrictive. It prohibited anyone but company-approved technicians to repair its devices. However, this is a stark turnaround.

Apple Self Service Repair: Who is it for?

Self Service Repair is intended for individual technicians with the knowledge and experience to repair electronic devices.

Illustration of a woman sitting on her desk using Apple’s Self Service Repair.
Being able to repair Apple products yourself is huge

The initial phase of the program will focus on the most commonly serviced modules, such as the iPhone display, battery, and camera. The ability for additional repairs will be available later next year.

Apple Self Service Repair: How does it work?

To ensure a customer can safely perform a repair, it is important they first review the Repair Manual. Then a customer will place an order for the Apple genuine parts and tools using the Apple Self Service Repair Online Store.

Illustration of a woman inside an Apple Store inquiring about repairing her iPhone.
You can still visit Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASPs) for your repairs if you wish to

Following the repair, customers who return their used part for recycling will receive credit toward their purchase.The new store will offer more than 200 individual parts and tools, enabling customers to complete the most common repairs.

Apple Self Service Repair: Availability

Available first for iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and Mac devices running the M1 processor, Self Service Repair will be available early next year in the US and expand to additional countries throughout 2022. 


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