Apple launches their new Watch Series 7 but it’s not what we expected

CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA - September 14, 2021: Apple CEO Tim Cook unveils Apple Watch Series 7 during a special Apple event, as seen in this still image from the keynote video. (Photo Credit: Apple Inc.)

There were a lot of expectations from this year’s Apple Watches. Most important of them all was a change in shape. A lot of leaks and rumours suggested that the new Apple Watches would join the ecosystems growing product range with flat and flashy edges.

Alas, at today’s Apple event we saw updates to the Apple Watch but it wasn’t what most of us were expecting.

Apple Watch Series 7

So what’s new?


Apple launched the new Watch Series 7 featuring a ‘reengineered’ Always-On Retina display with significantly more screen area and thinner borders. The narrower borders allow the display to maximize screen area, while minimally changing the dimensions of the watch itself.

The display offers nearly 20 percent more screen area and thinner borders at just 1.7 mm — 40 percent smaller than those on Apple Watch Series 6.


The design of Apple Watch Series 7 is refined with softer, more rounded corners, and the display has a unique refractive edge that makes full-screen watch faces and apps appear to seamlessly connect with the curvature of the case. Apple Watch Series 7 also features a user interface optimized for the larger display, offering greater readability and ease of use, plus two unique watch faces — Contour and Modular Duo — designed specifically for the new device.

New colours

Apple Watch Series 7 introduces five beautiful new aluminum case finishes, along with a range of new band colors and styles. The entire Apple Watch Series 7 lineup will be available later this fall. 

Fast Charging

Now if you were hoping for more battery-life (which we do every year), you’ll be disappointed (which we are every year). The Watch Series 7 comes with the same all-day 18-hour battery life, now complemented by 33 percent faster charging.

Dust Resistance

Apple Watch Series 7 is the most durable Apple Watch ever, with a stronger, more crack-resistant front crystal. It is the first Apple Watch to have an IP6X certification for resistance to dust, and maintains a WR50 water resistance rating.

Cyclists rejoice

The new Series 7 also comes with new updates for cyclists. The Watch detects when users begin a ride, and prompts them to start an Outdoor Cycle workout if one wasn’t initiated. 

As with all automatic Workout reminders, cyclists will see their metrics from when they first started their workout. Additionally, cycling workouts have auto-pause and resume, so metrics more accurately reflect time spent moving versus stationary, like waiting at a stoplight.

The Apple Watch can more accurately measure active calories when riding an e-bike, with an updated cycling workout algorithm that evaluates GPS and heart rate to better determine when users are riding with pedal-assist versus leg power alone. 


Last year Apple launched their subscription based Apple Fitness+. This year the service is getting updated features such a snow ski training (maybe we can use this for sand dunes?), pilates and later in the year we’ll see group workouts too.

Most importantly of all Apple Fitness+ is coming to the UAE this year!

Price and availability

The Apple Watch Series 7 will be avilable this fall. While we don’t know the official local price of the Watch Series 7, its priced at $399 globally.


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