Apple launches creative camera app Clips

Clips brings together a suite of creative editing tools, the flexibility to record both short and long videos and the ability to share these on any platform. Has Apple created a winner?

Apple Clips
Clips allows you to edit and present videos in a variety of ways on any platform

Apple has unveiled Clips, the Cupertino brand’s latest in-house app offering. The iOS app lets users capture “expressive” videos, after which an array of Snapchat-style filters and lenses can be applied. Unlike Snapchat, however, Clips is a tool – not a social network. It packages video for you to share on Messages, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms. 

Apple Clips
Unlike Snapchat, Facebook videos and Instagram, videos made with Clip can be shared on any platform with ease. It’s designed as a tool, not a standalone social network

Why does Clips matter?

Because of the sheer variety of functions on offer, albeit few of which are original. The filters on offer are reminiscent of Prisma, with perhaps the coolest example being a rotascope animation-style filter that makes your video look like something out of A Scanner Darkly

Unlike with most other video capturing apps, Apple has offered you a choice of recording style: you can either hold down a button (as one does in Snapchat) or swipe across the icon to start recording, which allows you to make longer videos with a tripod or other hands-free equipment. It’s a minor indication of the versatility of content you can make – the app is suited to both short and long videos. 

Apple Clips
You have the option to record by holding down the button or swiping along it for hands-free production of longer Clips

On the audio front, users can see their words automatically subtitled and displayed onscreen in real time. This is something we’ve already seen with Facebook videos, but Clips allows you a little more flexibility to play with font sizes and styles. A feature iPhone owners will find particularly useful is the ability to add background music from their iTunes library, with songs automatically adjusting to the length of a video. 

What drove Apple to launch this?

With a feature set that borrows editing tools from its own iMovie, Prisma and Snapchat-like lenses and filters, Facebook video subtitling and the ability to easily publish both long and short-form video content in the same app, Apple has bet on Clips to succeed as a jack of all trades and master of none.

Have you tried it out yet? Let us know what you think.



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