Apple iTunes will soon come installed on Samsung Smart TVs

2019 is a whole new future


Apple has infamously kept its hardware and software in a closed ecosystem. In a surprising and revelatory move, Apple has signed a deal with Samsung, its arch rival, to put iTunes on Samsung’s Smart TVs.

Detailing the deal

This deal proves that Apple has got to evolve to continue its success and being this closed off could eventually hurt it. The partnership will allow customers who own select Samsung Smart TVs to access iTunes movie and TV content. The same way you’re used to seeing Netflix pre-installed on almost any smart TV, Samsung Smart TVs will feature iTunes. The TVs will also come with AirPlay 2 support, allowing iPhone and iPad owners to send content from their screens to the TVs.

Apple and Samsung have been fierce rivals since the dawn of the smartphone age. They have battled not only for market share but also in court over various patent infringements. Apple has accused Samsung of ripping off its ideas and violating its patents. Most of the lawsuits have been settled. This deal also wouldn’t be the first time Apple and Samsung have worked on the same side. Ironically, Samsung provides Apple with key components such as screens and other hardware for its devices.

What the future could hold

This isn’t the first time Apple has given in to a rival. Over the years, Apple has let Google create apps for the iPhone as well as allowing it to be chosen as the iPhone’s default search. This news gives credence to the demise of the Apple TV, an actual Apple-branded television, which is a good thing. On the other hand, it also fuels rumours about Apple’s own Netflix-style TV service. It’ll combine free and paid content. This partnership with Samsung could help get that service in front of millions of users Apple would not have had access to otherwise.


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