Apple iPhone Xs/Xs Max: What’s in the box?

The Apple iPhone Xs and Xs Max are here!


Today is Apple iPhone day and like many of us, we have finally got our hands on the new devices. This year, Apple has launched two sizes to their phones to cater to different audiences. The regular iPhone Xs which is very similar to the iPhone X from last year and the larger iPhone Xs Max.

What does Apple give you?

The style of packaging from Apple is no different with year’s iPhones. The box comes wrapped in plastic with a vibrant iPhone picture printed at the top. It also contains some paperwork, the SIM-removal tool and the traditional Apple stickers underneath which comes the device itself. And trust us, peeling off the plastic from a new iPhone has a different level of satisfaction.

What the iPhone Xs/Xs Max has in the box

What is not so impressive though are the additional accessories Apple bundles with the phones. There is no lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack dongle which is strange considering how much of a convenience it may have been to many. And there is no sign of a fast charging brick or cable bundled with the new iPhone packaging. Instead, a small 5W charger is provided which does not facilitate fast charging even though the new iPhones support it. Knowing that even the most budget friendly phones provide fast charging options out of the box, this being the case for Apple is disappointing.


There is not much to separate both the new iPhone variants from in this department. You get an OLED Super Retina display at 5.8-inches and 6.5-inches respectively and the new A12 Bionic six-core processor. This is based on a 7nm production process and in theory gives you a boost in performance with the 4GB of RAM both phones have. In our use, the phone has felt very snappy but that is with every new phone. We’re going to have to test the phone side by side with others to get a better idea.

The 5.8 inch form factor is almost identical to last year’s on the Xs

Aside that, Face ID and the cameras on the iPhone have improved. The primary dual-12MP cameras with an f/1.8 and f/2.2 aperture are the same as last year with improvements in sensor size while the front snapper is a 7MP one. Apple claims the pictures the phones take will have better dynamic range and video will have a higher quality. While the speed increase in Face ID is noticeable, we look forward to testing the cameras more extensively through the week.


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