Apple faces problems with new iPhone

Could the new iPhone come out during Christmas?


In what seems like a flurry of bad news, this one might be the nail in coffin for iPhone enthusiasts. After reports from Bloomberg and KGI, an article in the world’s largest financial newspaper Nikkei indicates there will be a delay in the highly anticipated tenth anniversary iPhone, which had initially been due for a September launch.

Suppliers are reportedly unable to perfect vital components of the device, including display, wireless charging and printed circuit boards. Nikkei says Samsung is unable to keep up with the OLED panels Apple will use for the new iPhone while Apple is struggling to minimise overheating on wireless charging modules. More so, mass production of circuit boards has also hit many problems because of the intricacy required.

Good news?

But the bad news brings some good news as well. The mass production problems are because of a redesigned and smaller circuit board to make room for internals. This could suggest a larger and more powerful battery on the upcoming iPhone.

Prior to this, we’d heard of a back-up plan for the device and a more modest approach from Apple. However, it seems Apple is more willing to accept a release date delay than to compromise. While consumers may be happy to hear this, the delay would be close to two months suggesting a release sometime closer to Christmas, according to Nikkei.

A concept 2017 iPhone based on current leaks via Concept Creator

This would give competitors a slight edge but could also mean Apple is very confident with its new phone. Among all the leaks though, we are still unsure of what the phone will be called. Names like “iPhone”, “iPhone Edition” and “iPhone X” are all a possibility so far but we will keep you updated.

If you’re looking for a more detailed roundup of everything to expect on the new iPhone, check out our in-depth coverage here.


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