Apple might be finally coming out with a dual-SIM iPhone


There’s so much time before we get to see what Apple has lined up for us this year, but the rumour mill never stops churning. One source who has been very reliable over the years is Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities. We’re not saying he’s always been correct, but he’s got quite a few accurate rumours under his belt. Kuo’s latest update to investors adds to a previous report and states that this year we might finally see a dual-SIM iPhone. Not just that, it might be real cheap (by Apple standards i.e.).

Dual-SIM iPhone – Support and Pricing

Rumours of multiple iPhones to come this year keep fluctuating between 3-4 phones. The most doubtful of the lot seems to be the 4.7″ version. 

The update states that dual-SIM support will go to the predicted 6.1″ LCD variant as well as the 6.5″ top-end OLED model. Unfortunately dual-SIM functionality might not come to the 5.8″ OLED model.  And the pricing, the dual-SIM 6.1″ LCD variant can cost anything between $650 – $750 (Dh2388.75 – Dh2756.25). Also, the single SIM version of the same iPhone could be as low as $550 (Dh2021.25). 

What does this do for Apple? 

Now this is a very interesting move on part of Apple. The company created an all new price segment with the $1000 iPhone X and now it looks like using the dual-SIM iPhone it wants to attack a segment Android has ruled over since the beginning.