Review: SideChef


Open up a cookbook, read the recipe and follow the instructions. Learning to cook isn’t as easy as it sounds. But then came along smartphones and tablets with their apps and YouTube, which put those cookbooks onto digital displays. This did make life a little easier and enabled more recipes and cookbooks in one place. SideChef brings this same access but with some little add-ons that make all the difference.

SideChef has more than 2,500 recipes from cooking TV shows, restaurateurs and food bloggers, all squeezed into a feature-filled app with full-screen photos, an easy UX and built-in timers.

So how does it work? You go through the recipes and pick out your meal. After that, it not only shows you the ingredients required but also how much you need, with images that even help in the case of chopping and dicing. Hit a check mark on the screen and you’re on to the next step.


SideChefSideChef also comes with the option of voice control, which definitely helps when using messy hands for cooking. The feature is also useful when its time to move on to the next step, since you don’t have to run back to the device while cooking.

Another very important feature is the automated timers. The app will start a timer when you’ve chosen a certain recipe and can also tell you to move on to another step for recipes that require you to perform multiple steps at the same time. The timers, along with the videos pre-loaded on the app, help specially in such cases of complicated dishes.

It’s these little features that, alongside an extensive recipe catalog, make it stand above the rest as far as cooking and recipe-based apps are concerned.

SideChef comes close to actually helping you out with your cooking routines. SideChef is available for Android and iOS and is free.