App Review: Move to iOS


In the ongoing war between iOS and Android, one of the biggest issues for a long time was transferring from one OS to the other, particularly from Android to iOS. For contacts alone, you had to sync your Gmail to your iTunes and then the iTunes your device and so on or you had to use third party apps. Images, videos and apps were a whole other story.

To simplify this process, Apple announced the Move to iOS app for Android. The app basically copies everything including Contacts, Messages, Mails, Images, Videos and Apps to your new iPhone.


The process is simple, as the short video we’ve taken shows. It took about 16 minutes to do the entire migration, excluding the download of the apps since that would depend on the size of apps you have and the internet speed you are using.




Check out the video and let us know what you think. Have you used the app? Did you find it useful?