Android Wear 2.0 coming in February with two flagship smartwatches


When Android Wear initially launched, it easily beat Apple’s WatchOS. Apple has continued tweaking and improving with little to nothing coming out of Google’s camp. Android Wear 2.0 was supposed to release in late 2016, but got pushed to early this year. Thanks to Android Police, we know that a letter was sent out to developers promising its arrival in February.

In true Google fashion, developers are warned that apps won’t be available in the Play Store if not optimised for the new OS. Software makers will be scrambling now to get their apps in line. We also learnt that Android Wear 2.0 will support standalone apps that don’t need phones to work. It’s also rumoured that Android Wear 2.0’s launch will be heralded on two new flagship smartwatches, which won’t be Google branded. We’ll have to wait and see which manufacturers are launching the flagship devices.

The smartwatch era has yet to capture the hearts and minds of the tech community. Apple Watch and Android Wear devices have been making small, but meaningful strides with their respective operating systems. Manufacturers have been trying a variety of design-fuelled innovations to get people more interested. I love the concept but am still not convinced to buy one, an issue I see a lot of techies face. It’s nice to have but far from a desire. Android Wear 2.0 and the flagship smartwatches may make 2017 the year of the smartwatch.