Android N to be named soon


Remember that competition Google had a while back, where it invited everybody to come up with a name for its new OS, code named Android N?

Well, if you missed it, Google had launched a page where you could do just that.

Now, Google has finally announced that that the official name for Android N, as it is informally known, will be revealed in the next few weeks. This was confirmed via its official Google+ and Twitter pages.

However, there are other reports that show that Android N is being called the New York Cheesecake internally, or so it seems.

We can expect the new name to be announced sometime around the end of June or early July. Usually, the norm is to expect some sort of dessert for this version as well, but there have been names like Naan and Nutmeg also floating around. There was also a massive campaign to have Neyyappam, an Indian Sweet Dish, voted as the name for the next version.

Fingers crossed to having your name picked if you did participate, even though it’s unclear that you win anything if it gets chosen.