AMD introduces its Ryzen 9 4900H gaming processor

More power without a sacrifice in form factor


Ever since re-entering the gaming arena in 2017, AMD has been taking strides forward. At this year’s CES, the company introduced its brand new Ryzen 4000 H-Series Mobile Processors.

Ryzen 7 4800H

The series, at CES 2020, was headlined by the Ryzen 7 4800H with 8 cores and 16 threads. And it is able to deliver desktop gaming performance to a notebook form factor.

Gaming performance compared between Ryzen and Intel processors

According to AMD, the processor is also capable of beating the Intel Core i9-9880H in CPU related benchmarks and content creation applications. However, to meet the exceeding demands of enthusiast gamers, AMD has more in store.

The new Ryzen 9 4900H

AMD’s new offering pulls out all the stops for gaming notebooks. It brings up to a 4.4GHz boost clock and a 3.3GHz base close. Furthermore, it comprises of 8 cores, 16 threads and fantastic 7nm power efficiency. Due to these advancements, notebooks coming with this processor will remain thin and light.

AMD’s range of Ryzen processors

One of the biggest advantages of the new processors is its ability to optimise speed over long periods of time. They do this by reading the surface temperature of a machine. While most manufacturers keep laptops cool by throttling speeds, the new AMD processors will be able to run cooler with less of a performance sacrifice in theory.