Amazon’s new mobile application will help SMBs in the UAE manage their business from anywhere


Showing its commitment to the United Arab Emirates, Amazon has developed a Seller Mobile App to help local selling partners grow and manage their sales on the platform. It will allow them to oversee their businesses remotely via mobile. The user-friendly application serves as a great tool for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) who constitute more than half of all units on Amazon.

Access to unique functionalities

Introduced earlier this year, the Amazon Seller application gives users a variety of functionalities. Businesses can view and analyse sales even at the product level helping them stay on top of their business. They can also manage listings, update prices and add relevant competitive offers.

Manage your inventory with ease

Furthermore, users can monitor account health and gain insight into performance metrics including order defect, cancellation and late shipment rates. The in-app messaging feature helps sellers respond to customer messages promptly and the application also allows direct contact to seller support.

Continuous enhancement

Amazon will continue to make enhancements to the Seller App to meet the needs of sellers and their customers. Mohammad Farrukh Khan, owner of Farrukh Khan, who has been using the Seller App since its launch believes the arrival of Amazon to the UAE has been nothing short of a revelation. He said that on a monthly basis, his business has been able to double its capacity whilst maintaining profitable operational costs due to the Seller App.

Tracking your orders and sales in real time

Not just from a personal standpoint, his team has also found the Amazon Seller App’s portal to be easy to adapt to. During the current situation, the application has come in particularly handy for managing business operation directly from a smartphone.


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