Amazon’s Echo Show is its first touchscreen device

A big screen steals the (Echo) Show


Rumours had broken just hours ahead of Amazon launching its first touchscreen device. The world had a glimpse at the rather ugly new Echo and what it would be capable of. Now we know for sure what the Echo Show is all about.

Not leaving much to the imagination with its name, the Echo Show is equipped with eight microphones, beam-forming tech and noise-cancellation. This technology lets Alexa hear your commands from almost anywhere in a room: something it has in common with other Echo devices. Its differentiators are the seven-inch screen, front camera on top and a Dolby-equipped speaker.

As speculated earlier, Amazon is debuting a new feature called Alexa Calling. Echo owners can make video and voice calls to one another to talk about how impressive Alexa and Echo is. Amongst other things I’m sure. Users with the Alexa app can partake in this feature as well. Prefer texting over calling? You’ll be able to do that too!

Another feature of the Echo Show is the Drop In – it allows you to literally drop in on family or friends virtually. The screen lets you do a number of other things that you can’t on any other Echo: watch YouTube videos, check the weather visually, see music lyrics via Amazon Music, check shopping lists and more. It’s basically like your smartphone, but a better listener with a superior speakers and large enough to be situated on a table.

The Echo Show can also connect to compatible cameras so you can keep an eye on other rooms, making it a decent security device for larger homes. It can also control thermostats and lights from the likes of WeMo, Philips Hue, Ecobee and others. Pre-orders start today. the Echo Show will retail for $230 (Dh845) in the US.


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