Amazon Echo has competition from Lenovo Smart Assistant

Lenovo's Smart Assistant takes a page out of Amazon's book

Lenovo Smart Assistant

As consumers look to adopt home automation, many voice-activated devices have seen a boost in popularity. Currently, Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home seem to be reaping most of the benefits in sales. However, Lenovo is looking to cash in on this growth with its Smart Assistant. Having been made in collaboration with Amazon, it shares much of the aesthetics. Arguably, Lenovo’s offering seems the more appealing one coming in various shades of colour.

Lenovo’s Smart Assistant comes in refreshing colours

Voiced by Amazon’s Alexa, the Smart Assistant comes in cylindrical form with a silver upper section and a subtle colored lower section. The upper part houses most of the controls and is designed to provide a levitating effect. The company has packed eight 360-degree microphones onto the device that support both echo-cancellation and noise-suppression. In addition to the normal variant, there’s also one with Harman Kardon audio.

The Harman Kardon edition


Like any other personal assistant device, the Smart Assistant listens to voice commands and can act accordingly. Users can get calendar updates, listen to a song, make a list and much more. Lenovo claims the Smart Assistant is able to detect a voice coming from up to 16 feet away. This distance may be sufficient for operation within a single room but poses difficulty for use across multiple rooms at home.

The Smart Assistant can detect a voice command from up to 16 feet away

Although Alexa is not the only voice assistant on the market, she is very popular. With Lenovo preferring to collaborate with Amazon as opposed to Google, it seems the search giant has some catching up to do. And looking at when the Smart Assistant is hitting the market, Google has the time. You will be able to purchase the Lenovo Smart Assistant in the US for $129.99 (Dh478) from May while the Harman edition will be priced at $179.99, also releasing in May. There is no confirmation of availability and pricing for the UAE market yet.





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