Amazon helps Prime users pick an outfit to wear

The company says it's using human stylists, not AI, for this


Amazon has increased the perks of being a Prime member by letting you ask its advice on what outfit looks best on you. Amazon keeps doling out favours to get users to sign up to its Prime service. Members enjoy a variety of benefits from free and fast shipping to access to Prime Video and so forth.

Prime members who use the app will be able to access a new Outfit Compare feature. Users are asked to upload photos wearing two outfits they can’t decide between and Amazon’s stylists will almost immediately respond with their suggestion. You would think the use of AI is involved but the company insists there are real people behind it. The stylists giving their advice come from a variety of backgrounds in the fashion industry, Amazon claims.

So how does it work? You simply upload two photos of yourself wearing different outfits, submit it and within a minute receive a response. The decision is taken on a number of factors including the fit of the clothes, colours that suit the wearer, styling and current trends. The outfits are rated on a Style Scale with three options, giving you a clear picture of the stylist’s opinion on the uploaded outfits.

Amazon suggests that photos be taken in the same pose with the same background, though it’s fine to take a selfie in front of a full-length mirror. If you’re concerned about privacy, Amazon assures your photos are only seen by the company’s staff. You can also delete all the photos you upload in the app to give you peace of mind that none of your images are being saved.


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