Amazon’s Echo Look plays your personal stylist


Last month Amazon launched a feature in its app for Prime members called Outfit Compare. If you couldn’t decide what to wear, human stylists and fashionistas working for the logistics, tech and retail giant would help you make that crucial decision. Amazon is continuing its push towards becoming your personal fashion advisor with a new device called the Echo Look.

Thought you couldn’t have enough Alexa in your home? Think again. Dubbed a “style assistant”, the Echo Look will catalog your outfits and rate your looks based on machine learning algorithms with advice from Amazon’s fashion specialists. You can ask the Echo Look to take full-length photos or short videos to check out your outfit from all angles or your “best side”. There’s a built-in LED light, a microphone, and a base mount for attaching the device to walls. The Echo Look comes with a companion app that has a Style Check feature to compare two outfits, similar to the aforementioned Outfit Compare.

The Echo Look isn’t just for fashion advice. Alexa is all-knowing and can be asked questions you would to a standard Echo device as well. Ask her about the news, weather, etc. Amazon says it will continue to add Alexa skills for its newest AI assistant. It’s currently available on an invitation-only basis for $199.99 (Dh735) with Prime Members getting first preference.


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