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The integration phase between Souq and Amazon seems to be in full flow. After Souq began offering products from Amazon’s global store, we may soon be saying goodbye to the Souq name.

What is next?

In a recent leak on Twitter, we saw more evidence of transition from the website’s current domain to the new domain.

Recent tweet from @okassim leaking the imminent change

The post shows a back-end image from a developer site as well as an image from Amazon’s Seller Central, which sellers can access.

Seller details?

Sellers on can currently access their inventory from the Souq Selling Centre. While this will remain accessible until further notice, they now will also gain access to Amazon’s Seller Central. This is to familiarise themselves with all the changes taking place during this transition.

A few of the steps in this transition phase for sellers

They will also gain access to resources and help pages to grow their business. And over time, their listings will start to appear on Amazon’s Seller Central tab. The pricing of their goods and quantity will also be copied over to Amazon every 24 hours to keep it updated.

What about consumers?

We have seen grow over the years and cannot help but shed a tear about how it will be replaced. But the move will bring notable benefits. account holders can already sign into Amazon with their credentials and vice-versa. So we expect that to remain the same after the domain change.

We can already interchange between souq and Amazon accounts

But furthermore, we will start seeing access to a greater variety of products from Amazon’s global store. We have been calling for this for quite a while now and it is on the verge of happening. While not much else is known about this change, we can only hope for features such as Amazon affiliate links and Amazon Prime to follow suit as the year progresses.


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