Alleged OnePlus 8 Pro leaks in a live photo

Does screen refresh rate matter to you?


OnePlus’ plans for 2020 are are looking grand. We have had Concept One as well as the announcement of its new display technology. And it now seems like its next flagship, the OnePlus 8 Pro, has leaked a few months in advance.

120Hz display in tow

Exclusively via TrueTech, the leak is said to come from a tipster claiming to work with OnePlus. As we are still a few months away from its potential launch, this device could be a pre-production unit. Naturally, the final device could have a few adjustments here and there. The photo shows off a section of the phone’s settings menu, where users can adjust the screen’s refresh rate. Choices range from the standard 60Hz all the way up to 120Hz. Seeing as OnePlus has confirmed its next flagship to have a 120Hz refresh rate display, there is little doubt to this leak.

Will the OnePlus 8 Pro support 120Hz refresh rates at QHD+ resolution? (via TrueTech)

Interestingly, there is no mention of a resolution drop when switching refresh rates. It is believed that even Samsung, who is known to produce some of the best displays on smartphones could not get 120Hz technology to work alongside a QHD+ resolution, going especially by the leaks we are hearing about the upcoming Galaxy S20 series. This could mean OnePlus has one-upped Samsung in that regard, no pun intended or this is merely a software slip-up which will be ironed out in the months to come. You also see a small description under each refresh rate option in the photo. The 120Hz refresh rate, while offering smooth performance will have an impact on battery life. And if that impact is a bit too much, users may even opt for the more balanced 90Hz option because in reality, is the switch from 90Hz to 120Hz that significant?

Punch-hole design

Last year, OnePlus made a big deal of a seamless display experience. And in doing so, it removed any form of a notch for the display in favour of a pop-up style selfie camera. If this leak is to be believed, OnePlus might be take a step back with the punch-hole style front facing selfie camera this year.

Image result for oneplus 8 pro render
The live leak confirms the renders we have seen in the past (via OnLeaks)

There are a number of reasons for this though. The main one is official water and dust resistance. With mechanical moving parts, offering this on the 7 Pro or 7T Pro is difficult. But with this design, OnePlus may finally make its phones officially rated. The second, and more far-fetched reason could be that OnePlus is planning to use a Concept One style electrochromic glass layer on just the front camera, which disappears when watching multimedia content.

More to come?

As with any leak, none of this is fully confirmed. However it is shaping up to what we believe OnePlus will do with its next flagship. Processing power wise, it will have the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 with at least 8GB of RAM and 128GB of UFS 3.0 storage. Something we’re excited to see is how much further OnePlus improves its cameras and battery technology, without hiking up prices.


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