Alcatel slashes prices at Gitex Shopper

Pop Star
Pop Star will be available for Dh499 that includes a stylish phone case worth Dh100, an Alcatel Power Bank worth Dh50 and a Dh50 gift voucher

Alcatel is offering competitive prices on its devices at Gitex Shopper.

Idol 3 (5.5-inch), which can be answered either way up thanks to its parallel front-facing JBL speakers and microphone and rotating interface, is available at the original price of Dh799 with an additional Dh50 gift voucher. Its 13-megapixel camera and panoramic 8-megapixel front camera are perfect for capturing memories.

Go Play is a rigid and durable smartphone with an attractive aesthetic. It is available in three colour combinations (grey and black, red and black, blue and white) and is dustproof, shatterproof and waterproof. Go Play is priced at Dh699 with a complimentary Carry Pouch and Dh100 gift voucher.

Pop Star 4G, the slim and sleek smartphone, has the best specifications in its price point. Featuring a dual-SIM functionality, curved back, premium materials and a slender design, it doesn’t just look good, it also feels good. Pop Star is available at Dh499, including phone cases worth Dh100, an Alcatel Power Bank worth Dh50 and a Dh50 gift voucher.

Pixi 3, the 8-inch 4G tablet, can be used with an attachable keyboard, instantly changing the interface to a desktop view. The device is sleek and refined, making it perfect for users on the move without spending a fortune. If you’re worried about the tablet slipping from your hands, worry no more, the 8-inch 4G model on offer has an extremely comfortable grip.

It is available at Dh499 – price includes an additional Dh100 gift voucher.