Airblock: The modular drone you didn’t know you wanted

This modular, easy to control and crash-friendly drone is safe for indoor use


Meet Airblock, the first modular drone that can be turned into a hovercraft, car, and whatever else you can conjure up with your mind and the blocks you possess. This is the latest of many success stories on Kickstarter this week.

The drone appears to be safe for indoor use

Build it. Code it. Fly it.

These are the three main commandments for the Airblock. Makeblock, creator of this modular UAV, wanted to incorporate the flight of a regular drone with the imagination of building it your own way, and programming the drone to fly in any way you choose.

It can travel by air, land or sea

The main two modes are hovercraft mode and the hexa-copter drone mode, but can be modified through using the included magnetic attachments. Other options are triangle mode, spider mode and the 360 spinner. The modular parts are easy to assemble and disassemble, and made out of a durable but lightweight engineered foam.

You’re free to use any of the suggested modes or invent your own

The other main principal of the Airblock is its programming. It’s the language of the future, and it would do most of us some sort of good to be reasonably versed in any kind of programming language. This amazing drone only makes it easier. All you have to do is imagine the kind of pattern or direction you want your drone to fly in. Just open the Makeblock app and drag and drop different blocks of commands – such as forward, pause, turn, and forward – and connect them together to create a seamless action. If you don’t feel like coding, you can just commandeer Airblock using the joystick controls from the app.

We’re not sure what to call this one… dog dragging its tail on the ground?

With the hovercraft mode, you’re not limited to only flying the drone. You can take the machine over land and water. It can bump into furniture and walls with no hassle whatsoever, thanks to the foam housing.

This thing can take a few hits

You can see the make-up of the drone and its components from the figure below. It’s designed to be easy to use and not harmful at all.

if you want to get your hands on one, head over to the Kickstarter page and back the project before time’s up. The backing starts at $89 (Dh325).