Age of Empires is getting a remastered release later this year

The Age of Empires are coming back in 4K


A glorious news bundle filled with nostalgia comes from the PC Gaming Show at E3 2017. As any gamer from the late 90’s will tell you, Age of Empires was a guaranteed favorite. Since we live in the era where nostalgia is cleverly repackaged and resold to make money off (almost) guaranteed products, we’re getting a 4K remastered version of Age of Empires this year. This is not me complaining. I’m practically giddy at this news because RTS gaming was all the rage back in the day and no game came close to the awesomeness of Age of Empires. Being able to play it again with better graphics, gameplay as well as a brand new soundtrack is going to be fantastic.

The good guys at Microsoft are remastering this classic with a Definitive Edition that will offer 4K graphics and improved gameplay. Microsoft has “redone every single asset” according to Adam Isgreen, creative director at Microsoft Studios. Expect a modernized interface to go with the gameplay refinements that have been made. Microsoft has gone as far as re-recording the original score, that was equally epic, using a symphony! It will also include all the civilizations from the original game and from the Rise of Rome expansion, ensuring your nostalgia is well served.

It also comes with multiplayer so you’ll be able to play with your friends via Xbox Live. Expect the game to come out later this year. If you’re as excited as I am, you can sign up for its beta through the official website as soon as it goes live. The original Age of Empires was released in October 1997, making this year its 20th anniversary. Microsoft is keeping some details under wraps, promising more reveals at Gamescom this August on how it intends to appropriately mark Age of Empire’s anniversary.


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