Get ready to see ads on FB Messenger soon

Advertising's latest conquest: Facebook Messenger


“Ad-free experience”. Three words we all love seeing. Our Google search, Facebook, every website we visit is filled with ads and sponsored content. Now your Facebook Messenger will be too.

Messenger ads

In an interview, Messenger Head of Product Stan Chudnovsky announced the global roll-out of ads. The beta testing for the same had begun in January of this year but only in Thailand and Australia.

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How do the ads work?

A company can only send users sponsored messages once they’ve had a “conversation” with the user. Conversations can be with an actual human or a bot. These begin when a user, who has been targeted, engages with the ad.

When will I begin seeing the ads?

The roll-out isn’t going to be a quick one. Chudnovsky says it could go on till the end of the year.

Fingers crossed that we’re the last to get it.

Do these ads make a difference to you? Do let us know.


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