Acer C250i is a projector aimed at the Portrait Mode generation


From the second you get your hands on the Acer C250i, you know you’re holding a unique device. It’s got a sleek body with a highly unconventional shape and loads of connectivity options. Here’s what we thought after a quick look at the device at the Acer event at IFA 2019.

Acer C250i: Body and design

If I say projector, you’d probably think of a rectangular box. This is the most fundamental change of the C250i. The twisted roll design allows the projector to be used vertically (as it can stand on its own) as well as horizontally. Not just that, while horizontal the projector can be rolled to find the exact angle for perfect projection.

Acer C250i roll
The body off the Acer C250i allows you to roll it into the perfect angle for your viewing pleasure

The projector also has standard quarter-inch screws to place the projector vertically as well as horizontally on a tripod.

Auto-Portrait Mode

Acer C250i portrait
While standing, the device can detect orientation of the the media being projected and adjust accordingly

Now the cool thing about the C250i is that while its standing tall, it can detect portrait and landscape orientation media and adjust automatically. So if you’re live chatting on Instagram and then move to a Youtube video, the projector can detect that and automatically change orientation of the video.

Acer C250i: Resolution and performance

The C250i projects in Full HD 1080p and is said to come with up to five hours of battery life.

Acer C250i LED module
Acer C250i LED module and focus ring

The C250i’s LED module offers up to a 30,000-hour lifespan, a wide colour gamut that is 100 per cent NTSC-compatible, 300 ANSI lumens brightness, and a 5,000:1 contrast ratio.

Acer C250i Speaker
The Acer C250i is also a Bluetooth speaker and power bank while on the move

The C250i also serves as a portable power bank to recharge phones on the go. The projector’s built-in Bluetooth speakers are rated at 5 watts for best-in-class sound when watching movies or TV shows.

Now it should be noted that we didn’t get to the see the projector in action since all the units at the show were dummies.

Acer C250i: Connectivity

Both Android and iOS users can connect to the C250i wirelessly. In addition to that, the Acer C250i also features a standard HDMI port for connecting and viewing content on a laptop or desktop computer.

Acer C250i Connectivity
There are ample ways to connect to the Acer C250i

USB Type-C and Type-A ports support video-out for smartphones and PCs alike, and is 100% plug and play so no additional software or drivers are needed. The USB Type-A port allows direct multimedia playback from a USB drive for a sleek, PC-free projection experience.

Price and availability

Simple controls on the projector in the scenario you are using its various plug and play options

The C250i will be available in January 2020 in Euope, the Middle East and Africa, starting at €539 (about Dh2,187). At this price range, it will be interesting to see how the Acer will compete with products such as the BenQ GV1, which is already established in the market.