A ‘safe’ Samsung Note 7 up in flames in China

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 investigation

Hui Renjie recently purchased a new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that was deemed safe. Less than 24 hours after receiving the device, it burst into flames causing minor burns on Hui’s two fingers and damaging his MacBook.

A Samsung representative visited Hui as soon as the reports surfaced and asked to take the phone for further investigation but Hui refused since he felt Samsung might not report the issue.

“We are currently contacting the customer and will conduct a thorough examination of the device in question once we receive it,” the Korean company said in an emailed statement.


The black box next to the model number is supposed to indicate that the devices are safe to use. Thanks to this incident, China, which wasn’t included in the recall, might have to be included now. Samsung had claimed the batteries in the devices in China were from a different supplier.

Soon after the release of Note 7, Samsung had to recall all 2.5 million devices sold due to the battery fire issue. It was said the recall would cost Samsung between $1-2 billion (Dh3.67-Dh7.35 billion).