5 things you need to know about the updated Careem app


Careem, a Dubai-born start-up that is now officially a unicorn (worth more than $1 billion) has evolved from ride-hailing to delivery and now to even food delivery. Careem just put up a big refresh (available for iPhone and Android) to its app, promising more ease of use and overall simplified function. Here are five new things you should know about the updated app:

A smoother pickup

Even though ride-hailing apps and online maps have been around for years, it can still be quite frustrating to pinpoint your exact location. With the new update, Careem allows you to add more specific details to your pickup spot. This allows the Captain (Careem’s moniker for its drivers) to find you quicker. You can add details such as your building name, street number, or the nearest entrance to the mall.

New ride-choosing menu

Seasoned Careem users would be well accustomed to Careem’s slider of ride choices, a feature that’s been standard since the app’s younger days. Now you’ll find an expanding menu of ride choices at the bottom of the app. It’s got a cleaner look and feel, however from an experience point, it may not make a significant difference.

Scheduling simplified

Being able to schedule a ride for the future was a Careem brainchild in this market. It’s now got a design overhaul as well. Cleaner and simpler to choose your date and time along with your preferred ride.

Simpler fare estimates

It sometimes helps to know how much your ride’s going to cost you in advance. With the new app you can just type in your destination or drag the drop off pin on the map to figure out what the fare estimate will be before you confirm your ride.

Multiple payment options

A new menu now available on the main app page will allow you to choose your preferred payment method for the particular ride. You can even add a new payment method if you wish. Choose between cash, card or Careem credit.

The app has gone through a cleanse – something you see often in the evolution of app-based businesses. There’s a lot less clutter, cleaner visuals and emphasis on simplicity and functionality to enhance a user’s experience. Don’t have the latest Careem app installed? Let us know what you think.


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