12.9-inch iPad Pro leaked render lacks a headphone jack


We’re inching closer to Apple’s annual hardware unveiling event, taking place on September 12. iPhone leaks have been abound for a few months now. The latest Apple leak is the new iPad Pro that will measure in at 12.9-inches and will apparently also lack a headphone jack.

iPad Pro 12.9 leaks

There are three iPhones expected to debut and it’s safe to say there will be multiple iPads as well. Apple is finally trying to capture a wider audience with varied price ranges of its top selling products. CAD renders and a video seem to confirm one iPad Pro measuring at 12.9-inches. The renders show a tablet with symmetrical screen bezels on all four sides. The display corners are rounded, the Home button is missing along with the headphone jack. Similar to the iPhone X, this iPad will come with Face ID technology to unlock. Going to be fun holding up the giant tablet in front of our face every time you want to unlock it.

Luckily the new iPad hasn’t gone full iPhone X with notch and all since a tablet needs at least some bezel for it to be ergonomically useful. There’s just enough bezel to for the Face ID sensors. There’s visible antenna on the back implying its made out of metal, and not glass. No wireless charging Apple tablets for now. Interestingly, the Smart Connector has found a new home at the back of the tablet towards the bottom. This implies users will only be able to use a keyboard cover with the tablet sitting in portrait orientation. If that’s the case, it confirms rumors Apple couldn’t get Face ID to work while in landscape. Potential annoyance for certain users.

Possible iPad launches

The iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) will be joined by a 10.5-inch variant, both shipping with LCD panels and the A12 or A12X chipset. Apple Pencil support should obviously be there. We’ll know a lot more on September 12 so stay tuned for our full coverage of the event.


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