You’ll be playing Mario Kart on your phone soon

Any time between April and March (2019)

This is not a drill. Nintendo is sticking to its promise of letting its IPs lose on the smartphone generation. The latest instalment is a game called Mario Kart Tour, which will be released in the next financial year. That means any time between April 2018 – March 2019. Way to be vague, Nintendo. It’s either right around the corner or a long wait away. Either way, knowing we’ll get to while my days away in Mario Kart‘s universe sometime in the next year makes us happy.

Mario Kart Tour: Details

Nintendo has said nothing whatsoever regarding Mario Kart Tour apart from its existence. Hopefully it launches on iOS and Android simultaneously unlike Super Mario Run, which was months apart on the two platforms. Mario Kart is Nintendo’s largest franchise and makes sense as their next big foray into the smartphone gaming world. Nintendo’s Switch has been doing well with 14.86 million units sold and half as many Mario Kart 8 Deluxe copies. It even sold 8 million copies of that game on the Wii U. Remember the Wii U?

Future of Nintendo Apps

Nintendo’s original promise was 5 smartphone games by 2017. Though only Super Mario RunFire Emblem HeroesAnimal Crossing: Pocket Camp and the odd Miitomo social app have been released. Mario Kart Tour should help Nintendo nail its stake into the smartphone gaming world. The Wall Street Journal has reported on rumours that Nintendo was even working on a Legend of Zelda mobile title. With how brilliant it was on the Switch, I don’t see why not.