Super Mario Run finally launches on Android

The nostalgia is heavy in this one, but does Dh37 for an endless runner with Mario branding a red shell to fans' faces from Nintendo?

Super Mario run
Play the first three levels free, then (green) shell out Dh37

Android users, rejoice. You can now download Nintendo’s first smartphone game, Super Mario Run on your Android device. If you’ve gotten a chance to play the game on an iPhone over the past four months then expect the same. The game launched to great fanfare in December and Android users have had a long wait to get their hands on it.

Android users will be getting version 2.0 so you can expect a features such as Easy Mode from the get-go. Easy Mode allows users stuck at certain levels to be able to make their way through. If you want to play past the first three levels, you’ll need to pay $9.99 (Dh36.7). Nintendo has already raked in more than $53 million through the iOS version and now the devices its available on has grown exponentially. The Japanese gaming giant should be very happy, except it isn’t.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve dreamed of playing Nintendo games (Super Mario especially) on your phone. For almost a decade, smartphones have propelled what Nintendo started with handheld gaming with the Game Boy. However, until recently Nintendo had chosen to ignore the extremely popular and lucrative smartphone gaming market. That ended in December with Super Mario Run. I was disappointed in not having a real Super Mario game and instead another endless runner. But it’s at least a start for Nintendo, with a promise of more ahead. Freemium strategy RPG title Fire Emblem Heroes is next in line from the company, followed by Animal Crossing in 2018.