The Samsung Galaxy S8: Yup, there’s a problem

Don't worry, the batteries are fine. There's just a bit of on-screen reddish brown stuff and an extremely possessive Bixby

Samsung Galaxy S8

There aren’t many Samsung Galaxy S8 units in the wild as yet, but the few who have received their pre-ordered devices are facing an issue. The complaint is that the display panels all have some sort of red or brown tint. According to several sources, the issue stems from a colour balance problem. Users say that even after correcting this in settings, the tint refuses to disappear.

A stubborn reddish-brown tint refuses to go away, even after settings have been tweaked

Unlike smartphones that use LCD panels, which have three sub-pixels (red, green and blue), the S8’s OLED panel uses two subpixels – red-green and blue-green. To balance out the two greens, Samsung had deep red OLEDs installed to strengthen the colour. Clearly, this was the main issue and as the result, the displays now have a reddish tint to them.

Another problem many S8 users are facing is in regard to Bixby, Samsung’s new AI assistant. Earlier, the South Korean tech giant had assured us that users would be able to use other assistants instead of Bixby, such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. However, it seems the brand has changed its mind since and some users are even being locked out of their devices.

While none of these are nearly as bad as exploding batteries, another PR nightmare could be in the offing for Samsung if the company doesn’t deal with these problems soon.