Return of the (selfie) King? Oppo’s F3 targets the throne

A dual selfie camera: the best friend of narcissists, travellers and social butterflies everywhere

Oppo F3
Yep, dual front-facing cameras

Oppo is launching the F3, its latest smartphone that purports to drive the next wave of “the selfie revolution”. The F3 packs a dual front-facing selfie camera – a high-resolution 16MP camera for standard selfies paired with a wide-angle camera with a field-of-view that is twice as large as standard selfie camera for group selfies. Eat your heart out, Ellen.

The F3 also has the Beautify 4.0 software pre-installed, packed into an all-metal body with a 5.5-inch FHD In-Cell screen.

“Selfies and group selfies have now become a social norm for our consumers,” said Sky Li, Oppo Vice-President and Managing Director of International Mobile Business.

Selfies FTW

Oppo’s thinking behind the F3 is simple: that selfies and group selfies reflect how people, especially the younger generation, are socialising and sharing their lives on social media. The brand even backs this up with an Indian Nielsen survey, in which about nine out of ten selfies are taken in groups. The group selfie and distortion-minimising features introduced in the earlier F3 Plus have helped establish Oppo as the self-styled selfie sultans of the smartphone world.

That’s why, when it comes to Oppo, we start at the front.

The F3, the latest model in the Selfie Expert series, will inherit these key features and allow users to capture group selfies with an enlarged field-of-view.

Say goodbye to the awkwardness of struggling to fit everyone into the frame at a family gathering, or cropping out a cool scene in the background of your last visit to Burning Man. Because everyone wants to hear about “that time at Burning Man” again.

You can also retire that selfie stick to your closet.

The F3’s 13MP rear camera, meanwhile, offers you the ability to capture high-quality shots of moving subjects thanks to its fast focusing speed (PDAF). 


To match a sleek body with a solid grip, the F3 is built with an exclusive technology Oppo calls U-rail Spray, which allows the body frame width to go as slim as 2mm, 27 per cent thinner than the older F1.

The aluminium body has also gone through fine zirconium sandblasting to achieve a “delicate, simple, glossy yet natural texture and aura”. We’ll judge that when we hold one.

The 5.5-inch, 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 5 In-Cell screen features a pre-applied protective screen coating, with an upgraded screen visibility. This is particularly useful during the long- sunny days of a UAE summer. It’s frustrating enough if you’re unfortunate enough to be outside in 45 degrees Celcius during a July afternoon, so we really don’t need to compound this with an unreadable phone screen. Oppo claims that testing the F3 In-Cell display in various indoor and outdoor settings with algorithmic optimisation and movement adjustments has resulted in an enhanced, sharper screen contrast with vivid colours.

Under the hood, the F3 runs an octa-core processor backed by 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage. It’s also got a triple-slot card tray that can hold two Nano 4G SIM cards with a microSD card, which can double memory to 128GB. The device’s front-facing fingerprint reader reportedly unlocks the device in just 0.2 seconds.

Priced at Dh1,199, the F3 will be sold on May 12 in the UAE.