Samsung’s Note 9 could have on-screen fingerprint sensor

We don't have the Note 8 yet, but its successor slated sometime for a late 2018 launch could feature (so far) mythical on-screen fingerprint sensor technology

Note 9

Yeah, you read that headline right. We’re talking about the Note 9 even before the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is out.

First occurrence 

We first heard of a fingerprint sensor baked into the touchscreen long before the Galaxy S8 came into this world. Unfortunately, the sensor never went under the screen and instead went in an atrocious position at the back of the flagship device.

The rumoured feature also popped up in speculation about the upcoming Samsung Note 8. However, based on leaked information about the device, it seems highly doubtful since the images show a fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone.

Samsung Note 8
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Samsung Note 9

So when is this on-screen sensor coming? Maybe with the upcoming Galaxy S9? According to a report from KGI, it’s not even the Galaxy S9, but the Note 9! Samsung seems to have ditched the idea since its only concern was having the feature on the devices ahead of Apple’s iPhone 8, which is also said to have ditched the on-screen sensor.

Another piece of news coming out of the report is that Samsung will change its supplier from Synaptics to Egis. Under-display sensor tech is also said to cost up to five times more than the current sensors we see on most phones.

Now all this is obviously heavily in the rumour stage and should be taken with a large pinch of salt. Have you seen how your screen would function as your fingerprint sensor? Let us know what you think.