The Pencil has Grown up | Meet the Livescribe 3 Smartpen Black Edition

Livescribe3 Black Edition
Livescribe3 Black Edition

Developed by Anoto, a company that specialises in digital writing and drawing solutions, the Livescribe 3 smartpen Black Edition was announced at CES and is already available for purchase at US149.95 here and on Amazon.

The device features a matte black finish and a glass-reinforced glossy black clip. The smartpen connects to iOS and Android devices to bring notes, diagrams, doodles, and more to the digital world in real time.

Real ink on real paper is immediately digitised and transcribed in the Livescribe+ app where they can be stored, shared, tagged, and searched, making notes more useful than ever before. The app can also record audio and sync it to notes taken at that time in the form of a pencast.

“With the Black Edition, as well as the Moleskine Edition launched last year, we are expanding our smartpen line with more stylish and attractive designs,” said Stein Revelsby, CEO of Anoto.

“The changes we have made to the Black Edition smartpen will likely appeal to a different set of customers than our original design did. By talking to customers, we have continued to learn more about how personal a pen and writing experience is. We made some changes to the feel and balance of the smartpen that address thoughts from a segment of customers.”