HTC-Under Armour Halfbeak smartwatch pics leak

We hope the Halfbeak looks better than the quality of these images

HTC Under Armour Halfbeak
We hope the final product is in better shape than these half-baked pictures (pun intended)

New images of an unannounced smartwatch dubbed Halfbeak developed by HTC and Under Armour have been leaked on Weibo. The website, a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook and China’s biggest social network, previously saw photos published of the same device in October, though the source claimed that the project wasn’t going ahead at that stage. 

Halfbeak features

The Android Wear-powered device has a 360×360 resolution touchscreen display similar in dimension to the Moto 360. The device has two buttons on its upper-right side, which are pointed out by arrows on a metallic bezel that is presumably fixed in place. 

HTC Under Armour Halfbeak
Two buttons embossed on the metallic bezel point to the buttons

While the Halfbeak has followed a minimalist design aesthetic on its front, the inside of the device’s strap features a racing red rubber finish.

The back of the watch has a heart rate sensor alongside what appears to be a charging port. We have no word on waterproofing yet, but don’t expect to go swimming with a device that features visible charging pins.

HTC Under Armour Halfbeak
A heart rate sensor rests between the Under Armour and HTC logos. Visible charging pins mean you should perhaps avoid taking this swimming

Interestingly, these photos show the Halfbeak running the first version of Android Wear. It’s widely expected that Google will roll out the second edition of its wearable OS at next month’s MWC, with LG first in line to feature 2.0. 

HTC Under Armour Halfbeak
We’re hoping it’s just the developer prototype that features Android Wear 1…

Perhaps the final product will see the latest edition of Android Wear by the time it hits shelves. But UAE residents shouldn’t hold their breath – we’re still waiting for the Healthbox, the product collaboration between HTC and Under Armour announced at last year’s MWC, to be released in the country.